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Simre Kids Queen Size Floor Bed Woodland Natural


Ages: 15 Months and Up
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Time to fall asleep while having fun!

Simre Kids have made their Woodland Montessori Floor bed to help you design your baby's bedroom around their needs and capabilities.

Many parents do not decide whether having a floor bed is the better option or not. It is definitely the better one! The floor bed gives your baby a feeling of independence since it allows them to move freely. Your baby will feel empowered by being able to change their environment as soon as they wake up and feel like it. They will not be dependent on you to come in and get them. They will not need a parent's permission or help to get up, get dressed, pick a toy, check the books on their bookshelf, or explore their baby-safe room as they wish.

Allowing them to make their own decisions and not limiting their movements will translate to freedom of thought as they grow older. Your trust in them to make their own decisions at a very young age will encourage them to have self-confidence.

Not to mention they can also function as a reading area or play area.

Although this is much of less of an issue, there is one more advantage: the comfort of both the parent and the child. Parents can also lie next to their little ones if necessary before they go to sleep.

And don't worry, even young babies will choose to get back in their bed once they understand the concept of bedtime and staying in bed.

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