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SkillEase Exploding Emotions Flashcards and Game


Ages: 6 Years and Up
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Use as Emotion Cards

These emotion cards for kids have stunning real-life drawings that depict the feelings in a crystal clear fashion. The coping ideas on the back, created by a speech therapist, are great for emotional regulation for kids.

Play the Game

The box includes 140 scenarios for a hilarious family fun game. A great social-emotional game, get to know your friends' true feelings in a relaxed way. Perfect feelings activities for kids.

Detailed Manual

Confused about social-emotional learning? The handbook included goes through empathy, perspective taking, problem-solving, social skills, and facial recognition for all children to succeed!

Great for all Ages

Use just the feelings cards for toddlers and preschool emotion cards, or use the game and coping techniques for older age children. Perfect for feeling cards for toddlers through adults.

Perfect as an autism therapy material, speech therapy material, and for ABA therapists, BCBAs, speech therapy, teachers, parents, social workers, and counselors. Give it as a gift as well. An organized box makes travel easy.

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