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Smartwo Balance Stacker Game Threading Beads Animals

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Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Montessori Smartwo Balance Stacker Game Threading Beads Animals

High-Quality Wooden Toy in the Color of Macaron

Both paint and blocks are friendly to kids. Water-based paint, non-toxic natural, high-quality wood, and smooth surface are nice to kids’ little hands.


Creativity Inspiration

Your little children can stack the block in any way, occasion, and form. No fixed play instruction for this block set. They need to recognize the size and height for better building.


Hand Activity Practice

To keep blocks balanced, the player needs to stack them together precisely. Otherwise, it may crush, which is another type of fun for kids. And they can play group game, or adult-child interactive games on the building process. Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills would be well-trained.


Concentration Training

In order to perform well in the building game, the kid needs to focus on the blocks and hand activities. It is a great way to train children’s concentration. Montessori education would be involved at their early age.


Shapes and Color Recognition

Even it is hard for babies to build something by themselves. The colorful and various blocks are good ones to teach them colors, shapes, and animals. You can find elephant, lion, cat, mouse, crocodile blocks.

Smartwo Balance Stacker Game Threading Beads Animals

  • Water-Based Paint
  • Child-Friendly
  • High-Quality
  • Non-Toxic
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