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Sprout Kids Lexico Book Display Shelf Small


Ages: 3 Years adn Up
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Did you know that forward-facing books can encourage early literacy? The Lexico Book Display Shelf offers pre-readers and confident readers alike ease when accessing their books.

Angled shelves in this kids' bookshelf make their book covers visible while keeping them in place. This also ensures that your little one can confidently put their books away!

Sprout Kids Montessori

Sprout Kids is a furniture brand from the USA. They create high-quality and sustainable furniture for kids. By creating the furniture, their goal is to get children to be creative and independent.

Sprout Kids’ inspiration comes from Clark Davis’ childhood. He learns that his creative childhood made him who he is. He now creates furniture that can help children feel that creativity.

There are two special things about Sprout. One, their furniture is inspired by Montessori principles. Two, they can be put together without tools. Montessori at home is easy with Sprout Kids.

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