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Sprout Kids Pikler® Labyrinth


Ages: 3-12 Months
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The Pikler® Labyrinth allows your baby to cruise, crawl, pull themselves up, and move. When your little one crawls through the Labyrinth, they discover for themselves spatial awareness - how much to move their body in a given space. Open-ended and developmentally helpful, the Labyrinth acts as a fun challenge for your child's natural, physical growth.

This Labyrinth was made in close collaboration with the Pikler House. The design, materials, and manufacturing of this beautiful resource are all completely approved and trademarked by the official Pikler organization.



Trademark approved by the Pikler House. The Pikler Labyrinth meets all safety and design requirements as established by the official Pikler organization.
Encourages free movement as children crawl through and interact with the Labyrinth.
Includes the official Pikler Pedagogical Guide of recommended use.



The Pikler Labyrinth is made from sturdy, durable, safe materials and is covered by Sprout Kids' 5-year warranty.

Constructed from a beautiful, durable, safe Baltic birch, it's made to last.
Hardware and tools required for assembly are included.



Tunnel - 15.5 H x 15.5 W x 46.5 D inches
Cube with dowels- 15.5 H x 15.5 W x 15.5 D inches
Enclosed cube - 15.5 H x 15.5 W x 15.5 D inches


Age Limit

Best for children as early as they can consistently hold their head up, or begin crawling.


Weight Limit

Each piece of the labyrinth can withstand 200lbs on top.

Sprout Kids Pikler® Labyrinth

  • Pikler Organization
  • Pre-Assembled
Sprout Kids Montessori

Sprout Kids is a furniture brand from the USA. They create high-quality and sustainable furniture for kids. By creating the furniture, their goal is to get children to be creative and independent.

Sprout Kids’ inspiration comes from Clark Davis’ childhood. He learns that his creative childhood made him who he is. He now creates furniture that can help children feel that creativity.

There are two special things about Sprout. One, their furniture is inspired by Montessori principles. Two, they can be put together without tools. Montessori at home is easy with Sprout Kids.

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