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Sprout Kids School Chowki Floor Table Two-Tone Small


Ages: 2-5 Years
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The School Chowki Floor Table is designed with learning environments in mind. This stackable, child-sized floor desk provides children with a comfortable surface to write, draw, or work while sitting on the floor. The stackable design helps provide additional work surfaces within a learning environment when there is not enough space to have permanent tables in place.

The Chowki Floor Tables are for individual or group work. Children and adults can sit or kneel at the chowki, which neatly and effectively defines their workspace and promotes focus on the task at hand. With their lightweight design, they can easily be moved around and are a great resource for smaller or shared spaces.



Handles for easy movement for children
Easy tool-less assembly and disassembly
Laminate finish for easy cleaning
Narrow platform gaps for easier cleaning
Made in the USA


Weight, Design, and Materials

Made from sturdy, durable, safe 15mm laminated baltic birch so it’s made to last.
Small (Ages 2-5) - 10.75 inches H x 19.5 inches W x 15 inches D. Table is 9 inches above the floor.


Safe & Effective Use

Not intended for outdoor use
Avoid prolonged contact with liquids

Sprout Kids Montessori

Sprout Kids is a furniture brand from the USA. They create high-quality and sustainable furniture for kids. By creating the furniture, their goal is to get children to be creative and independent.

Sprout Kids’ inspiration comes from Clark Davis’ childhood. He learns that his creative childhood made him who he is. He now creates furniture that can help children feel that creativity.

There are two special things about Sprout. One, their furniture is inspired by Montessori principles. Two, they can be put together without tools. Montessori at home is easy with Sprout Kids.

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