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Sprout Kids Sosta Floor Bed Platform


Ages: 18 Months and Up
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A twin-size bed that suits the needs of your child can be a source of independence and self-assurance. A bed that can grow with your child can act as a pillar of consistency as their bodies and capabilities are constantly changing.

The Sosta Bed can be helpful for:
Montessori homes
Room sharing (bunk configuration coming 2023!)
Transitioning from a crib
Older children & even adults

The Sosta Bed provides the foundation for a sleeping environment that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of your child, at any stage. It has many twin-sized configurations that can suit your child's needs and capabilities. Loft and Bunk configurations will be available in 2023!

With a weight capacity that can hold adults as you tuck your child in, it can also grow with your child through adolescence and even into adulthood. Rest easy knowing your child's bed is made of 100% Solid Oak grown in the Northern United States with no MDF or binders!

Bundled Sosta Bed sets will help you save if you want to plan ahead! However, if none of the bundles meet your specific needs, you can purchase items separately with the Sosta Bed À La Carte.

Sprout Kids Sosta Floor Bed Platform

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Sprout Kids Montessori

Sprout Kids is a furniture brand from the USA. They create high-quality and sustainable furniture for kids. By creating the furniture, their goal is to get children to be creative and independent.

Sprout Kids’ inspiration comes from Clark Davis’ childhood. He learns that his creative childhood made him who he is. He now creates furniture that can help children feel that creativity.

There are two special things about Sprout. One, their furniture is inspired by Montessori principles. Two, they can be put together without tools. Montessori at home is easy with Sprout Kids.

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