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S&T Crinkle Square Dots


Ages: 0 Months and Up
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Includes 2 S&T crinkle fabric for baby toys (ages 3 months and up) measuring 6 x 6 inches each
Machine washable
Have all of the noise and fun of paper without the mess
Dual textures for baby to touch and feel: smooth and minky fabrics
The perfect high contrast baby toys for infants and toddlers
Conforms to ASTM F963 toy safety requirements all new material Reg. No. PA-18858 (CN) Content: Plastic film


S&T Inc.

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2 Packs S&T Baby Crinkle Squares

Entertain little ones with a fun, colorful auditory experience! Baby crinkle squares are the perfect sensory toy for babies, boasting bright colors, soft minky fabric, and a crisp crinkle that delights little ears.
All the noise and fun of paper - without the mess.
No messy paper or risk of paper cuts. Baby crinkle squares are machine washable, so they can be enjoyed again and again!


Soft, Sturdy Little Squares

Help Stimulate Baby's Senses
Fascinate your baby with bright colors & a soft crunch. Prepare for smiles when they realize that they can make those sounds with their own touch.

Dual Textures
Smooth & minky bubble fabrics provide two different textures for baby to touch & feel.

Tactile & Auditory Experience
Bright, colorful high-contrast designs provide visual interest.

Promote Sensory Play
These adorable baby crinkle squares provide endless sensory fun.

Listen to the Soft Crinkle Sound

Hear the crisp crunch of the baby crinkle squares! Babies have fun hearing, holding, crunching, and shaking them around.



What are the dimensions of this item?
The baby crinkle squares are 6 x 6 inches each.

Are these items machine washable?
Yes, the baby crinkle squares are machine washable! Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle and with like colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

What materials are the baby crinkle squares made of?
The outer fabric is 100% polyester with an inner PET plastic layer.

Are the baby crinkle squares safety tested?
Yes, the crinkle squares conform to ASTM F963 toy safety requirements.

What is the age grade for baby crinkle squares?
This product is intended for use by children over the age of 3 months. Baby crinkle squares are not a teething toy. Always supervise your child while in use.

S&T Crinkle Square Dots

  • ASTM F963 Certification

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