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TantivyBo Hand Bells 8 Note Musical Set With 10 Songbook


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Musical Enlightenment

TantivyBo's 8 color music bells are marked notes from middle C, D, E, F, G, A, B to high C. Corresponding note and scale position on the top of each handbell provides guidance in playing. Easy and fun music toy for kids to play simple music songs. Perfect toddler musical instruments for kids to get involved with music experience at an early age.


Premium Package Set & Bonus 10 Music Songs

Set of 8 colorful hand bells and a songbook including 10 popular songs. They have included "Jingle Bell" and "Happy Birthday" in their songbook which are great fun for toddlers to start with their musical journey.


Development Benefits

A great musical instrument for toddlers and preschool kids. Playing handbells is a great way to enhance their strong rhythmic skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, sensory development, and the basics of music reading. This children's hand bell set is perfect for home, school, daycare, church choir, or learning centers.


Designed for Kids

Their rainbow kids hand bells is a great percussion instrument toy, suitable for children aged 3 years and over. Health and safety should be the top priority for a child. TantivyBo knows how important your child's safety is for parents. Their rainbow 8 notes hand bells set is made of high-quality BPA, lead-free material. It's a perfect Children's Day gift.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let's have fun with TantivyBo's hand bells, hope you and your kids are enjoying it. They strive to provide you with the best product. Please keep in mind, it usually takes about a week to get used to the hand bells set. They guarantee your satisfaction with every product they sell. If you have any problem or question with 8 note hand bells, feel free to contact TantivyBo and they will assist you within 24 hours. They are always there to help you.

TantivyBo Hand Bells 8 Note Musical Set With 10 Songbook

  • High-Quality
  • Lead-Free

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