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Tirafal Lacing Toy Apple, Watermelon & Cheese


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Montessori cheese

Wood Puzzle String and Blocks for Boys and Girls

You and your kids will absolutely love this fun lace-up and threading toy set that includes 1 apple slice with a caterpillar, 1 watermelon slice with a worm, and 1 cheese wedge and mouse. They have different choices of toys which they can play by themselves or share with their friends. Moms and dads will also appreciate the storage bag that comes with the package for better storage. Tirafal also added an additional fruit sticker sheet with mini fruits.


Early Childhood Lace-Up Set

Help improve your little ones’ fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills by introducing them to this toy set. It’s very easy to use yet encourages early child development. These are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers 3 years old and above. Tiny tots can enjoy inserting the worm and the mouse through the holes in the apple, watermelon, and cheese and watch them figure out how to untangle the puzzle strings.


Quiet Travel Game For Kids

Play with these at home, during a trip, or even in a restaurant. They are very quiet and can help ease tantrums your young ones are throwing. This whole set can keep them busy. These are very lightweight and highly portable, you can basically carry them in your pockets or in bag’s pockets, and purses. You can bring these on the plane or during long drives since they don’t have sharp edges or metals.


Friendly for Kids and Babies

These are made of lightweight yet durable beechwood that kids can carry around. The blocks are smooth and splinter-free as well as having no sharp edges. It’s covered with paint that is safe for your babies. It doesn’t have any chemical smell and doesn’t peel off the toys. They are extremely durable and can withstand numerous bumps and drops. The strings are securely attached to the blocks that even kids can drag them everywhere and still be attached.


Perfect Gift for Kids

The complete set is a perfect gift for birthdays, Easter, and Christmas stocking stuffer as well as an Easter basket filler. Moms and dads can also use these as party favors and piñata stuffers. With an ASTM F963 International Toy Standard Certificate, these toys are child-safe and worry-free. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, just let Tirafal know so they can give you a refund or replacement.

Tirafal Lacing Toy Apple, Watermelon & Cheese

  • ASTM F963 Certification
  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe

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