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Tumi Ishi 11-Piece Wooden Stacking Stones


Ages: 3 Years and Up
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Materials: wood.



Tumi Ishi natural wooden balancing blocks are a new take on the classic wooden building block. The inspiration came from the meditative and fun pastime of stacking and balancing stones. These blocks were designed to mimic the natural and non-symmetrical shape of rocks. Tumi Ishi makes each block individually by hand and use no set pattern when shaping them; this is something that cannot be accomplished using machines and therefore every Tumi Ishi block has its own unique shape.


Tumi Ishi uses a large variety of sustainably sourced native hardwood species so that there are many different natural colors, grain patterns, and weight differences in each set of blocks. Unlike standard square blocks, these wood balancing rocks have many sides making them more challenging to stack. Tumi Ishi wood stones promote creative and out of the box thinking, mindfulness, and problem solving skills. These balancing blocks will last generations as a true heritage toy and functional décor piece in your home.


Tumi Ishi uses over 25 different species of the highest quality sustainably sourced wood; such as, black walnut, hard maple, cherry, cedar, oak, sassafras, poplar, hickory, osage orange, pear, and many more. They carefully sand each block and finish them with their own blend of jojoba oil and beeswax. Their finish is 100% organic and 100% non-toxic. They never use stain or paint on any of the blocks; so the natural wood color of each individual wood species shines through.


The price is for 11 Tumi Ishi wood blocks in an organic cotton drawstring bag, without personalization.


Personalization is available. Select Yes and the number of blocks you would like personalized from the drop down menu. Each block can be personalized on one side with up to 10 characters. If you would like more than 10 characters let Tumi Ishi knows and they will see if they can make it work for you. Personalization is laser engraved.


During checkout, add a note letting Tumi Ishi knows what you would like engraved on your block/s.

Tumi Ishi 11-Piece Wooden Stacking Stones

  • Non-Toxic

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