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Vangoa Hand Bells 8 Note Musical Set With Colorful Songbook


Ages: 1-8 Years
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Montessori hand bells

Great for Your Kids

Hand bells are made of high-quality plastic and lead-free material, which is safe for your kids to learn and play with.


Easy to Play

8 color-coded hand bells are marked notes from middle C, D, E, F, G, A, B, to high C on resin handles and correctly tuned, which is perfect for a music beginner or children to recognize sounds and tones. It also comes with a colorful songbook with 15 songs to help toddlers, kids, children, or music beginners get started.


Good for Brain Development

Playing hand bells is a great way to foster the development of their strong rhythmic skills, physical coordination, listening skills, and the basics of music reading.


Music Lovers Gift

The high-quality set will provide years of enjoyment and learning with your kids for any parent, home school, daycare, teacher, church choir, therapy, or resource learning center.


Interactive Activity

Parent participation in music therapy can help improve interactions with their child. Additionally, home-based musical playing or using musical bells also increased parent-child interaction.

Vangoa Hand Bells 8 Note Musical Set With Colorful Songbook

  • High-Quality
  • Lead-Free
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