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vidaXL Outdoor Wooden Playset


Ages: 3-8 Years
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Safe Design

The playset's design prioritizes children's safety with surrounding wooden railings for secure play and a wooden roof for shade during hot summer days.


Multi-Activity Centers

Featuring a climbing wall, a single swing set, and a sandpit, this playset provides several fun activities to keep children occupied for hours.


Easy Assembly

Delivered with an instruction manual, the assembly process for this playset is manageable and helpful for busy parents wanting quick setup.


Solid Pine Wood

Made from solid pine wood, the vidaXL Outdoor Playset offers a sturdy and durable structure designed to withstand energetic playtime and weather exposure for years.


Family Fun

Perfect for backyard use, this playset accommodates children aged 3-8 years and supports a maximum user weight of 99.2 lbs for interactive family playtime.

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