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Wood and Hearts Climbing Dome Pastel Medium


Ages: 1-6 Years
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This indoor playground challenges children's gross motor skills, balance control, and coordination. It offers a variety of climbing opportunities and serves as a cozy place for playing if covered. The possibilities for fun are endless with the Wood and Hearts Climbing furniture! Let your kids move freely and easily and enjoy years of use.


The Dome Climber is made from high-class solid beech wood, which is very strong and flexible. For painting, Wood and Hearts uses only high-quality, ecologic water-based paints, and environmentally friendly varnish.


All parts of the product are hand-sanded with great care. Wood and Hearts makes sure that everything is brought to perfect condition. It does not cause allergic reactions and does not emit harmful substances. It is absolutely safe for children. They can lick this product and try it on the tooth and you can not worry about their health because Wood and Hearts already took care of everything.


The product is tested at a load of 100 kg, but the maximum load for use is 60 kg.


Wood and Hearts' furniture is CE and CPC certified due to the major international toy safety Standards, including EN71, ASTM F963, 16CFR, and 15USC 1278a.



Height: 60 cm / 23.6 in

Width: 134 cm / 52.8 in

Nogs Length: 24 cm / 9.4 in

Attention: watch your children during games on children's furniture!!! Always be vigilant during children's games!

The color of the product may be slightly different (lighter / darker) because it is made of natural wood.

Wood and Hearts Climbing Dome Pastel Medium

  • 15USC 1278a Certification
  • 16CFR Certification
  • ASTM F963 Certification
  • CE Certification
  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe
  • CPC Certification
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High-Quality
  • Water-Based Paint
Wood and Hearts

WoodandHearts is a kids' furniture company based in the USA. They create furniture based on Montessori educational method. Their products are safe and foster children’s independence.

Denys Shkribliak has been getting inspiration from his kids. He started applying wood because he learns that it is safer than plastic. He also applies Montessori and Pikler’s approaches to designing.

WoonandHearts have been creating their furniture using wood and safe materials for children. They have also been certified by CE and CPC as well as other major international toy standards.

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