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Wood and Hearts Pikler Triangles With Slides Standard Natural


Ages: 8 Months-8 Years
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Montessori wood and hearts pikler triangle with rockwall and slide natural

Montessori triangle and ramp is a classic combination of beloved children's climbers that offer endless functionality and are suitable for rooms of any size. Climbing triangle models are foldable, making them easy to store until the next use. Additionally, the ramp adds more play options, allowing the child to climb, grasp, and step on wooden blocks or slide down like on a slide. The Montessori ramp has two sides: smooth and massage, where a wooden ladder can replace the blocks. Convenient fasteners allow the ramp to be attached to the triangle at the desired height.

This set can also be complemented with a Montessori arch. In this case, the ramp can serve as a bridge between the arch and the triangle, acting as a balance beam to help toddlers master their bodies in space, improve motor coordination, and invent numerous games.


Features of Montessori Triangles With Ramps

Montessori triangles, like ramps, are made of natural wood and birch plywood, providing exceptional durability. Products are tested at a maximum load of 100 kg, with a recommended load of 60 kg, allowing siblings or friends to play together on this indoor playground.

Triangles can vary in height, the number of rungs, and the distance between them, allowing parents to choose the optimal solution based on the child's age, height, and physical abilities. For example, small climbers can be used for children from 8 months, while larger models are suitable for children up to 8 years.

Montessori climbers are coated with eco-friendly lacquer or paints, offering a variety of solid and colorful options to find the model that your child will love.


Montessori Triangle and Ramp: Fun and Educational Toddler Furniture

One of the wonderful aspects of Montessori climbing furniture is its adaptability. These pieces can be used in various ways to remain attractive to children of different ages. Whether it's a mountain to conquer, a bridge to cross, a cave to explore, or a fortress to defend, the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, Montessori climbing exercises improve:
Sensory skills
Gross motor skills
Strength of arm, leg, and core muscles

Additionally, the child becomes more confident, independent, and curious. Triangle exercises even contribute to improving speech as there is natural stimulation of nerve endings in the fingers and feet, connected to the brain areas responsible for speech.

In conclusion, this Montessori triangle and ramp is a complete play space that, despite its compactness, allows for a variety of exercises, entertainment, and an interesting and beneficial time. Apart from the obvious advantages, this Montessori toy can have an even more positive impact on your toddler's development.

Wood and Hearts Pikler Triangles With Slides Standard Natural

  • Eco-Friendly
Wood and Hearts

WoodandHearts is a kids' furniture company based in the USA. They create furniture based on Montessori educational method. Their products are safe and foster children’s independence.

Denys Shkribliak has been getting inspiration from his kids. He started applying wood because he learns that it is safer than plastic. He also applies Montessori and Pikler’s approaches to designing.

WoonandHearts have been creating their furniture using wood and safe materials for children. They have also been certified by CE and CPC as well as other major international toy standards.

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