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Woodtoe Life Cycle Toys for Kids


Ages: 3-6 Years
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Montessori Woodtoe Life Cycle Toys for Kids

Life Cycle Toys for Kids

The life cycle toy set includes 48 pieces of lifecycle cards with 12 themes, covering topics such as animals, insects, and plants. It allows children to learn about the cycle of life and explore this wonderful world


Sorting and Matching Toys

Each life cycle theme can be classified and recognized by color, and each theme has 4 shapes. Children can place each stage of life on the Montessori tray by shape, without needing to refer to the instructions for identification. This allows children to complete the game independently, exercising their color recognition, and hand-eye coordination skills.


Preschool Science Education Toy

This toy covers organisms in nature that have special life forms. From tadpoles turning into frogs, breaking cocoons into butterflies, and seeds growing into flowers, the life cycle toy helps children understand different stages of the life cycle.


Safety Material

The toy is made of sustainably sourced natural pine wood and finished with non-toxic paint, making the surface smooth and safe for children to touch. The bag is made of high-quality canvas, which is strong and durable, and can easily store the toy set so that children can learn the knowledge of nature anytime, anywhere.


Ideal Gift for Boys and Girls

Life cycle toys are perfect for stimulating children's scientific curiosity and understanding of various stages of life. They are very suitable as birthday gifts, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday gifts for boys or girls aged 3-6 years. Children will be very happy to receive the gifts and immerse themselves in the game. Adults and children can spend an unforgettable time together.

Woodtoe Life Cycle Toys for Kids

  • Child-Safe
  • High-Quality
  • Non-Toxic
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