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Yalloy Metal Hand Bells Set


Ages: 1-8 Years
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Montessori bells

Perfect Musical Instrument

Set of 8 tuned metal hand bells with notes middle C, D, E, F, G, A, B, high C; color-coded and marked on resin handles with corresponding note and scale position.


Safety for Your Kids

Yalloy knows how essential your child's safety is for parents and we have made it our top priority. Therefore handbell set is made of high-quality material, which is BPA and lead-free, safe for your child to play and learn.


Supports Brain Development

Handbells are perfect for any adult who wants to develop their child's intelligence and musical abilities. Just like learning and identifying the notes on a piano or other instrument supports brain development, so too does learning to play music with handbells. Kids at home and church not only have fun but also learn all of the musical notes in the process. Music teachers love using handbells to teach music at elementary and middle schools.


Easy to Learn Interactive Activity

High-quality metal handbells 8-note only, perfect for a music beginner or children to learn notes, easy and fun to learn activity for quality music time with parent or educator.


Versatile Usage

Colorful musical hand bell set provides years of enjoyment and learning with your kids for any parent, home, school, daycare, church choir, therapy, or resource learning center. Kids not only have fun but also learn the musical notes and increase social interaction in the process- the highest form of enjoyment.

Yalloy Metal Hand Bells Set

  • BPA-Free
  • High-Quality
  • Lead-Free

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