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Ziror Cloth Book Sensory Hanging Rattles Animals


Ages: 3-12 Months
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Your child will find out how amazing nature is with these sensory quiet cloth books!


Cloth Books for Babies

These sensory toys for kids feature animal shapes with 3D tail designs. Each tail is made of different fabrics and textures. The baby cloth book has 6 pages and 2 crinkle papers that can be rubbed and sounded (The sound is not music, it is the rustling of crinkles). There are 2 built-in units, which your children can press to sound. Your kids can turn books, grab books, make sounds that attract their attention, and exercise fine movement.


Non-toxic and Safe Material

Toddlers love to explore & sometimes chew books and toys with vivid pictures & bright colors. Ziror soft baby cloth book is made of non-toxic, safe & premium quality materials with extra durability and strong stitching. These cloth books will maintain the color & the soft book won't be torn by washing.


A Beginning to Know New Things

You can read these animal tails with your baby and let your baby get closer to nature and animals. Parents can read these themes with babies, which can stimulate babies' language ability and imagination.


Baby Interactive Toy

These cloth books are full of colors, nicely stimulating the baby's visual cognition. Enjoy the fun and meaningful moment with your baby. Each page has a good piece of paper that will make sounds when you knead the cloth book. The toddler toys attract the baby's attention and train the baby's hearing sensitivity.


Hangable Design

The hanging toys are for a cradle. You can hang this cloth book on a baby stroller, cradle, or baby safety seat. Great toy for entertaining a baby and suitable for a baby's early development.


Suitable Gift

This cloth baby book is for a 3-12 month baby, allowing the baby to see more color and initially recognize shapes and items. Fun and safe cloth baby book is the first book for your baby, and also a lovely gift choice on birthdays and Christmas.

Ziror Cloth Book Sensory Hanging Rattles Animals

  • Baby-Friendly
  • Baby-Safe Materials
  • Child-Friendly
  • Child-Safe
  • Hands-On
  • High-Quality
  • Non-Toxic
  • Tear Resistant

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